Why Some Meat-Eaters Verbally Attack Vegans

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Why Some Meat-Eaters Verbally Attack Vegans

Postby Scott » Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:28 pm

Why Some Meat-Eaters Verbally Attack Vegans
by Scott Hughes

Almost all vegans have probably had to deal with some meat-eaters who aggressively attack vegan ideas. These meat-eaters will purposely engage vegans in arguments not to learn more about veganism but simply to argue against veganism and for meat-eating. Let's explore some of the main reasons they do that.

Firstly, some people simply enjoy annoying other people. Sometimes when meat-eaters purposely bother vegans, it may have little to actually do with veganism or meat-eating. These troublemakers simply want to annoy some people, and they happen to come across vegans. They do not care about meat-eating or veganism, but they use those topics as a way to annoy people who do care about them. Internet-based groups call such people trolls.

Secondly, some meat-eaters may verbally attack vegans as retribution for vegans who have attacked the meat-eaters. Some vegans also like to bother meat-eaters about their habits, and they may do that aggressively or annoyingly. In these cases, one can hardly blame the meat-eaters for returning the verbal attacks. And sometimes when a meat-eater verbally attacks an innocent vegan, they may have just done it out of anger over a previous incident with a different vegan.

Most of all, I think the meat-eaters who bother and who verbally attack vegans do it out of guilt. They come to argue with vegans not to convince vegans that eating meat is a good choice but to convince themselves. The meat-eaters want to make veganism seem faulty to justify their choice to eat meat. When people get very worked up over something, especially when it is over something that does not significantly affect them, that usually means it stems from an internal conflict. In analogy, scientific studies show that homophobic people tend to have more homosexual tendencies; those homosexual tendencies apparently make the people feel guilty and manifest as an excessive disliking of all homosexuals for no good reason. Back to the point at hand, the inner-conflict and guilt that certain meat-eaters feel sometimes becomes the source of anger and discontent towards vegans. And that discontent and anger causes those meat-eaters to verbally attack vegans and to insult or argue against the vegans' philosophy.

I think vegans must realize that these meat-eaters only represent a small number of meat-eaters. Most meat-eaters do not care much about what other people eat or do not eat, and such meat-eaters would not bother coming to a vegan discussion group or such. Additionally, these peaceful meat-eaters ask about veganism much more rarely, since the idea of it has not worked them up like it has worked up the angry meat-eaters.

When angry meat-eaters verbally attack vegans or try to bother them, vegans would be wise to not converse with them. Do not lower yourself to the level of people like that. I suggest you simply and politely point out that your vegan-lifestyle choice does not hurt them. Do not foolishly engage someone who just wants to upset you for no good reason.

Only try to explain the rationalization behind veganism to people who have a genuine curiosity. When interested people ask you about vegansim in a respectful way, then you can explain to them in a respectful way why you became vegan and why you find veganism more preferable to meat-eating. That may eventually result in the person also choosing veganism; it may not. But respectful explanations to interested people have the most effectiveness. Angry, verbal fights with meat-eaters will not further vegansim, and it will only create a negative stereotype of vegans.

In short, I recommend that you walk away from verbal attacks and angry meat-eaters, but feel free to respectfully discuss veganism with respectful and genuinely interested people.

Whatever you do, good luck and have fun!

About the author: Scott Hughes owns an informative website about veganism at VeganClub.org. You can discuss veganism at the Vegan Forums. The forums are a great place for vegans as well as anyone interested in veganism or animal rights.

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Postby Hollie » Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:20 pm

I have almost always found the easiest and non agressive way to educate people about Veganism is to wait till they ask..... People who are interested will ask and then you can tell them all about it by using what you do etc instead of what they dont do. One friend asked me if i would like some cheese on my salad sandwich. No thanks, Im Vegan, i replied. She had many questions after that.
I could have said "Thats so sick how you are eating cheese. Cheese is gross and contains etc etc" but that would have been a personal attack. She would have not learned any thing except Vegans are self rightous jerks. Curiousity is the best weapon we have against meat consumers. Being bullyed or pushed into something never works. Passive is best and if someone is asking questions tell them everything you can while they want to know. If someone does not ask for information it is best not to push it too agressively. The whole world will never be vegan by choice but every single person that changes to veganism makes such a big difference. My Grandad will never change but my mum and daughter will. Gotta pick them battles. :D [/code]
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Postby sweet_delina17 » Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:14 pm

Great thoughts! I totally understand this situation, both family and friends have been the meat-eater verbally attacking me and my husband. I think the key, as you said is not to fuel the fire. The best way to prove a point to someone who is looking for conflict is to remain silent and eat your delicious chick-pea and miso curried soup in tomato broth. They will see your silence as "I've got nothing to prove to you, I prove things only to myself" and eventually come to respect your decision.

However, the ones that attack us verbally aren't always the problem. It's the young mothers I see at church who sit around the munch n mingle table with me, casually chatting about how they served their 2 and 4 year old sons veal parmesan for supper last night and how good it is for them and how much they loved it and smacked their lips when they ran to the table, salivating over the thought of partaking of the flesh of an innocent. How do I tell them I can't listen to that while I'm eating . . . the same way they wouldn't like me to talk to them about the shape, colour and consistencies of my bowl movements while they are attempting to eat their lunch? How do I tell them the thought of eating animals sliced into little bits, baked, and smothered in their mother's secretions is just as appetizing to me as the thought of eating a human child smothered in its mother's milk?

My biggest issue, now that people have gone past the hostility and continue to happily crunch on their chicken nuggets in front of me, is that I can't stomach being around them when they are eating, knowing what I know! I want all of them to try eating that pork, just TRY eating it, while watching "Earthlings" or "Meet Your Meat." I want to physically prepare my food an hour before them, on separate pots and pans, with separate utensils, and eat it, and then go for a three hour walk to the park while they cook and eat their animal foods, having them call me on my cell phone to let me know that clean up is over. I don't even want to watch their grandkids, (my nieces and nephews) eating the ice cream! It just sickens me.

Any suggestions?
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Postby casey001 » Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:42 pm

I think it is sad when people feel they have to attack others. If people would just think about how they feel when they are attacked, I think it may change the way they behave. Bottom line is you have to be comfortable with what you believe in. I wonder if using some sort of direct mail would be a better way to get your opinion out. What do you guys think?
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Exactly the same problem as sweet_delina17

Postby vappole » Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:34 am

sweet_delina17: I have exactly the same problem.. have you figured out a way to resolve this, since you posted this a while ago?
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Postby doreenmakepeace156 » Tue May 01, 2012 7:44 am

Yeah, I totally agree. I hope people will stop attacking each other and find ways to make peace.
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Re: Why Some Meat-Eaters Verbally Attack Vegans

Postby animalanimal » Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:35 am

thanks for the info guys. it'll really help me.
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