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January 26, 2008 - Why Some Meat-Eaters Verbally Attack Vegans by Scott Hughes - Almost all vegans have probably had to deal with some meat-eaters who aggressively attack vegan ideas. They mostly do it out of guilt.

January 23, 2008 - Answers To Some Common Questions About Veganism by Scott Hughes - This article provides the answers to some basic questions that vegans often get asked.

November 15, 2007 - How To Meet Other Vegans by Scott Hughes - Whatever the reason, if you are a vegan, you probably want to meet other vegans. This article will show you a few good ways to meet other vegans.

October 17, 2007 - Inconsistent Views Towards Animal Rights by Scott Hughes - It is hard to understand why murdering a human is so objectionable while murdering an animal is not. While people carelessly murder animals because they like the taste of meat and the look of leather, these same people fall heads over heels about "cuter" animals. That is very inconsistent.

October 1, 2007 - How to Get People to Become Vegan by Scott Hughes - Many vegans want to convert others to veganism. The way to do it is simply by being nice and respectable.

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