Vegan Food - Including Soup, Salad, and Bread


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Vegan Restaurants

The phrase vegan restaurants refers to food service restaurants that provide food to vegans. While some restaurants may specialize solely in vegan and/or vegetarian dishes, other restaurants simply have vegan friendly menus, meaning they have vegan dishes in addition to traditional non-vegan dishes.

Although some restaurants inadvertently have meals appropriate for vegans, when talking about vegan restaurants most people mean restaurants that actually take a vegan diet into consideration when deciding on their menu. This isn't to say the restaurant has only vegan meals, but that it intentionally makes a few selections for vegans.

Of course, in a worst case scenario, you can usually find something to eat in any restaurant, but it may you may not enjoy it much. Most places have a garden salad, which may be your only vegan option. If you do not call ahead, or otherwise have to eat a certain place, you may find yourself eating a small garden salad with a fountain drink as your dinner.

For non-specialty restaurants, you can look for restaurants that do not pre-assemble their dishes. This will allow you to get otherwise non-vegan meals vegan. For example, some restaurants can remove cheese from otherwise vegan dishes, namely salads.

You can best find out what meals a certain restaurant has to offer to vegans by calling. Call the restaurant, and prepare yourself to explain what you can and cannot eat, as some people do not have much knowledge about veganism. The restaurant can tell what meals they have that meet your criteria, and what they can make for you specially.

We hope this article answered all of your questions about vegan restaurants. If you have any remaining questions, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please post them on our Vegan Forums.